pen pal

06 mins | Color | High Definition | NTSC | 16:9
Australia / USA, 2014
International Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival



Thirteen year old Brie Lark joins a prisoner pen pal scheme in the hope of finding a new best friend.  She writes a letter to the perfect candidate, Jobe,  about her life, her ambitions and her struggle to be a good person.  Jobe wants to be a better Christian and Brie thinks she can help. With a lack of self-awareness unique to teenagers, Brie tries to forge an unlikely friendship.


Brie – Caitlin Kinnunen
Janice – Mallory Wu
Tate – Cristhian Mora
Mum – Maggie Ferris
Dad – Lynn Berg
Jobe – Nick Keys
Boy 1 – Andrew Gelles
Boy 2 – Andrew Thomas
Boy 3 – Julian Goza
Additional Voice Over – Charles Rogers,  Heather Fink


Director: Brooke Goldfinch
Producer: Isabella Wing-Davey
Director of Photography: Charles Rogers
Production Design: Amanda Clegg Lyon
Costume: Brenda Abbandandolo
Assistant Director: Edna Biesold
Sound: Tine Thomasen
Assistant Camera: Jeff Bliss
Gaffer: Joe Brown
Production Assistant: Meera Joshi
Sound Design: Arjun Sheth
Foley Artist: Jacqueline Soller
Compositing: Olga Mayer