Two ladies and a gentleman

10 minutes | Colour | High Definition | NTSC | 16:9
USA, 2012


Eleanor Rogers is a young paraplegic woman with a burning secret – she wants to lose her virginity. She lives at home with her kind but overbearing Mother who has unwittingly trapped her daughter in a world of pink lace and ribbon bows. With a clever, biting tone, Eleanor navigates the world between her mother’s desire to give her “what’s best” and her own wishes for autonomy and the full human experience. When a sexy workman begins renovating one of the home’s bathrooms, Eleanor sees an opportunity for romance. The result is an honest, humorous examination of the same basic struggles faced by any young woman ready to get out from beneath her mother’s protective wing.


Meg Fee
SarahAnn Rodgers

Kohler Mckenzie


Producers – Shruti Ganguly and Heather Jack

Writer/Director – Brooke Goldfinch
Director of Photography – Matthew Mendelson

Music – Dev Hynes (Blood Orange)

Production Design – Charles Rogers

Costume Designer – Kristen Kopp

Casting Director – Kate Murray
Editor – Bohdana Smyrnova